Friday, 30 September 2011

The starting line - Week 1

Hope you all are as excited as I am to kick off this project! It's the first round of a-dress-a-week-til-christmas, and here are your choices of design (you will have to use your imagination a little, my drawing skills are pretty average to say the least) :

1: The tie halter dress

 Pretty much the same as the halter top featured here, with a full skirt gathered at the waist.

2: Cap sleeve with bow detail
Fitted bodice with cap sleeve, scoop neck, and contrast binding with a little bow in the centre. Once again full skirt, could be above or below the knee.

And 3: Strapless with matching waist belt
Pretty basic style, but classic all the same. Fitted boned strapless bodice, full skirt gathered at the waist, and matching waist belt.

Here's this weeks fabric. A stretch cotton in mint green with vintage floral print:
The photo doesn't do it justice unfortunately, it's super cute I promise!
See something you like? GET EMAILING! send me a message to with which design you like and we can get started. Remember these styles are going for a bargain price of $45 and there's only going to be 12 overall so get in quick! First in first served.


Saturday, 24 September 2011

A dress a week til Christmas!

So I had an idea, and I'm hoping all of you will jump on the party train with me and take advantage of this one.
Following in the footsteps of what seems to be the trend at the moment of so-many-things-in-so-many-days, I would like to start a little project of my own to try get some of you dressed up in some of my frocks and help me grow my collection.
A dress a week til Christmas goes like this. On a Saturday afternoon I will post on the blog a picture of some fabric and 3 sketches of fabulous frocks. You like what you see? First person to choose one of the sketches and email me can have the design made up in their size for only $45. That's right folks, your own personal Love Lucy creation for only $45! get excited!
First round starts this Saturday. In order for this to work, I need y'all to help me out a bit and spread the word around. Send on to anyone you think may be interested in a fabulous new frock! The purchaser may even get the style named after them... ooOOooooOOooooooo :)
Make sure to check back NEXT SATURDAY 1ST OCT, 6PM for the first round xoxo

P.S: starting next week it's only 12 weeks til Christmas. That's only 12 custom dresses that will be going at this special price. Get in while you can!

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Finished halter top & navy/red combo

Here's the finished top from last weekend, turned out pretty nice might have to knock a few more up in this style

My fave part is the giant button at the neck. I like buttons.
Also managed to whip up another outfit this week, I have a little bit of an obsession with red, white and blue at the moment so that was my inspiration walking into spotlight this week. The red broderie anglaise was an instant winner, but it took me a good half hour trawling though navy cottons to find one that didn't look like a Fraser High School uniform. The outcome, a full skirt and collared button up shirt...

You may have noticed the button up shirt is without buttons. Had to leave something for next week right? ha.
Seen anything you like on the blog? feel free to flick me an email and we can sort something out to fit your measurements x

Monday, 12 September 2011

Pretty as a picnic

This one has been sitting between my table/ironing board/mannequin for about 3 weeks now, just waiting for the right buttons. Finally got around to hunting for them on Saturday, and once again Geoff's emporium came through for me :)

Hopefully this rain goes away so it can get an outing this weekend xoxo

Saturday, 10 September 2011

A little lacy

Sorry for being so slack lately everyone, after finishing the skirts and later on a bustier tie top I decided it was time to take some photos of the finished products on a human body. Unfortunately I am not the best model, and while having an awkward time trying to get Adam to take a decent photo of me wearing my things, I dropped my camera on the tile floor. Long story short, bye bye camera.
So here's what I have been working on the past couple of weeks. First up, a broderie bustier top with lace edge and tie back. Looks super cute with a pair of high waist shorts or one of the pencil skirts I have posted earlier. Great addition to the wardrobe for summer. I have a full size range at the mo, email me if you are interested :)

Also a tie front halter top I have been working on, not finished yet but you get the general idea...
Thanks for reading, and excuse the fuzzy photos, if anyone wants to sponsor me a new camera I will love you forever xo